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  Educational meetings are generally open for all Healthcare Professionals to attend.; topics are generally related to primary care. Occasionally meetings will be tailored to a specific audience and on these occasions this will be made clear on the invitations. Most meetings arranged by WP Event Management are free to attend due to sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies or via the client/organisation direct. You are very welcome to contact Ellie via the website to register your interest in events alternatively you can contact her direct via your preferred method: E: or T: 07899 753 784 At this stage you are able to forward any pre meeting questions along with any specific  requirements you might have, dietary or otherwise. At every educational meeting you will be asked to sign a registration form, if the meeting is being sponsored by pharmaceutical companies a copy of the registration form will be sent to them post event. Please be assured that any information disclosed on the these forms cannot and will not be used by the companies for contacting you – most companies working with WP Event Management are members of the ABPI and it is against their Code of Practice to contact you, unless you have given your express permission for them to do so. Registration forms are merely used by the pharmaceutical industry as a recording process to justify their sponsorship and involvement. Following attendance to any WP Training or  Education event, every delegate should expect to receive a Certificate of Attendance. These may be sent electronically or hand delivered. Your name and contact details will also be added to the WP Event Management distribution list to ensure that you are kept up to date with details of all future meetings. * Please make Ellie aware if you prefer for this not to happen. For a list of all current meetings planned please refer to the calendar on the home page or click on  WP Education now! If you would like to find out more about what WPEM does with your data please contact Ellie direct or check out the Data Protection tab on the main homepage.   You can download the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2016 here