WPEM Delegates/Clients

GDPR What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been put together to protect the privacy and data of EU citizens. It replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, and aims to harmonise and broaden the reach of EU data protection law across Europe. GDPR will be implemented in May 2018 and will result in changes to the way data is collected, processed, used and stored. WPEM Limited WPEM Limited has some/all of the following information held on file electronically where information has historically (1) been provided by an individual: Name Place of Work Job Description Email – Personal & Business Preferred contact method (email / contact number (personal / work) Other information such as Dietary Requirements, Hearing Loop, Wheelchair User, etc… where applicable. This information is accessed by the Data Controller (Elvina Holmes, Principal) when advertising CPD / Training (predominantly via email). Paper registration forms are used during meeting registration whereby only essential information is confirmed – Name, Place of Work, Job Title and Signature of Attendance. WPEM Limited will establish that it has a correct email address for individuals as E-Certificates and occasionally handouts are sent out after the events. Email addresses will not be displayed on registration forms.  Forms are scanned onto the WPEM Limited IT system, which can only be accessed by Elvina Holmes and Emily Kyle (Facilitator) via secure encrypted passwords. Paper copies of registration forms are destroyed within 24hrs of each event, electronic copies are held for 13 months (2) from the date the event took place, and then deleted.  Where meetings/events have been supported by the pharmaceutical industry/any other company copies of registration forms are sent to the representatives involved on the day, this is for name, place of work and job title recording purposes only. Information will not be used by the pharmaceutical companies to contact you unless you have given your expressed permission for them to do so. WPEM Limited will use email addresses that are currently saved in the database to advertise educational events and training. In order that Clients/Delegates are happy with the how data is managed by WPEM Limited we will be asking for written consent at all events from February 2018 onward. If you prefer not to receive communications there will be an ‘opt’ out option. If you have any concerns about how and what data is stored please contact Ellie Holmes via your preferred method: Email : ellieholmes@wpem.co.uk / ellie.holmes1@nhs.net Telephone: 07899753784 In writing: WPEM Limited, Oak Tree House, Bradley Lane, Rufforth, York, YO23 3QJ (1) Prior to 26.02.18 (2) Registration forms are stored electronically for 13 months as WPEM Limited feel that this allows sufficient time for delegates to contact WPEM Limited for confirmation / queries of attendance - for example annual appraisals. GDPR training completed 01.03.18